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Skype is known for being a leader in the industry of video calls and VoIP, and you might use it for personal interaction all the time. Now you can use Skype for Business for commercial purposes. Although the program is similar to the traditional version of Skype that you know and love, some adjustments have been made with business users in mind.

You will have the opportunity to log into the Skype Manager on the homepage, which will allow you to manage your program for business purposes. You will be known as the manager or administrator, and your employees will be able to log in as members. This can be done with their existing Skype accounts, or they can open up new ones just for your business purposes.

Basically, the difference is that you can control things as the administrator to make Skype for Business work well for your business. For example, you can allocate credits so that your employees can call non-Skype phone numbers when using the program. You can also disable the ability to call personal phone numbers to help ensure that your employees stay on task. You can pay for and assign certain features to certain employees, and you can determine how you would like to pay for these services; for example, you can pay for them manually or set the system up so that your services will be paid for automatically.

Another great thing about Skype for Business is that the platform is very familiar. Although you will have increased capabilities that will allow you to control the use of Skype for Business within your workplace, the system won't seem very different for your employees. In fact, many people probably won't be able to tell the difference between Skype for Business and the version of Skype that they might use for personal reasons. This is a positive thing because it helps prevent the need for additional training for the employees who will be using the program.

Overall, Skype for Business is a good option for many companies. You will have increased control and more features to enjoy, and your employees will be able to enjoy Skype much as they normally would while conducting business on your behalf.


  • For average users, Skype for Business still uses a familiar platform and is easy to learn and use.
  • You have increased control over how your employees use Skype.
  • There are some unique features that work well for business situations.


  • Unfortunately, you do have to pay for most of the business-related features.
  • There are some connectivity problems for some users, but this is no different for Skype for Business than it is for traditional Skype or other similar programs.

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